Product Description:

Sanra’s Granular Humic acids, is natural humic acids based Soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator. Our Product is a unique combination of special organic carrier material which has a high concentration of trace minerals in available form, enzymes and Amino acids.


  • Detoxifies and recharges Soil
  • Improves soils porosity and water holding capacity
  • A good medium for beneficial Microbial growth.
  • Encourages root Development
  • Encourages plant’s natural resistance against disease and pests and Climatic stress
  • Increases bio availability of micronutrients such as Fe, Cu, Zn, Mg, Mn and Ca by forming Chelates
  • Increases nutritional and physical quality of Grains, fruits and Vegetables
  • Compatible with all types of fertilizers and Pesticides

Specialty of our product:

  • Sanra’s Granular Humic acids, is the most consistent and highest quality Humic acid product in the market.
  • Humic acid is homogeneous throughout the material
  • Filler material is a good medium for beneficial microorganisms growth
  • Granular form is very effective due to its slow release nature.
  • Free from Pathogens
  • Eco Friendly as it is Organic


It can be applied by way of broadcast treatment as a standalone product or along with fertilizers as a basal dose.