Product Description:

Lakshmi is an innovative product derived from a combination of Homeo tinctures and botanical extracts. It is a perfect combination of biologically derived Enzymes and Amino Acids that are essential for plant growth.

USP: Gives Magnetic Growth to the plant

Features Of Lakshmi:

  • Non-toxic and Eco friendly
  • Can be used for all crops
  • Effect will be there on plant during the total crop period
  • No side effects both long term and short term on the plant even after prolonged usage of high dosage
  • Compatible with all insecticides and fungicides available in the market


  • Enhances Root growth thereby improves fertilizer usage efficiency of plant
  • Increases root hair formation and lateral root development
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production
  • Promotes the development of chlorophyll
  • Helps the plant to overcome stress conditions
  • Develops resistance for fungal and viral deceases
  • Induces flowering, controls flower dropping and Fruit dropping
  • Enhances rate of Pollination
  • Enhances FruitSize, Color,Sugar content, Juice and Shelf life
  • Enhances color and Shelf life of flowers

Lakshmi Product