Our Innovation:

Our research is driven by a strong understanding of challenges faced by farmer community and a scientific approach to solve these problems. Our research is aimed to fulfil the unmet needs of soils and crops. Cutting-edge research and solid processes result in Sanra’s superior technology and innovation.


Technology :

1. Grort technology:

All our soil applications are powered by Grort technology that facilitates formation of healthier root system. Our soil application range rejuvenates the soil by adding abundant organic carbon on one hand, and on the other hand, it stimulates and facilitates larger root mass formation.


  • Abundant microbes to help plants
  • Improved soil Fertility
  • Healthy root system

2. i-NUE technology:

Sanra’s Range of Foliar nutrition products are powered by i-NUE technology and have remarkable penetration efficiency which leads to maximum absorption of nutrients by plants. With iNUE technology plants efficiently absorb nutrients, transport, storage, and mobilize within the plant leading to effective fertilizer functions and minimize nutrient loss.


  • Improved fertilizer use Efficiency
  • Strong and Healthier crops
  • Decreased decease incidence


  • Formulated a multi micronutrient mixture with organic carrier in granular form which improves soil organic matter as well as bio availability of nutrients.
  • Formulated a high efficacy natural plant tonic which nourishes crops in a holistic way without any long term as well as short term side effects
  • Innovated a one of its kind granulating technology for granulating zinc sulphate monohydrate (33% zinc) which results uniform dust free granules.