Sanra Fertilizers Private Limited(SFPL) is a lean research oriented agricultural firm in the space of sustainable agriculture. Sanra has a wide range of novel and innovative products that cater to the benefits of the farmers. Sanra’s product portfolio includes organic fertilizers, plant growth promoters, and micronutrients. Sanra has collaborated with corporate giants to deliver them customized products and solutions. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility in Hyderabad.

Most of the micro-nutrients are being sold in the form of powder in our Country. However, micronutrients in granular form is the way to go as it reduces wastage and increases yield. There exists a huge gap in Indian market as there are no manufacturers of granules. We are heavily dependent on imports. Sanra Fertilizers bridged this gap by developing an in-house granulating technology. In first of its kind in India, Sanra has successfully granulated Zinc Monohydrate. This innovation led to a better quality and cost effectiveness compared to the imported products. Many Sanra is now equipped to do granulation of all types of micro-nutrients and can cater to many institutions apart from our own direct marketing.